I really want to help these kids, man. Like, I’m a kid who suffered with emotional issues, self-esteem issues and depression and heartbreak, loss and all kinds of darkness and trauma that most, if not all, of us come in contact with. As an artist I have a unique gift to speak to my generation, to move my generation, to try and heal and empower my generation. That’s what God put me here for. I want to plant seeds for the future and rock the fuck out while I do so.
— Saze

Relatable and compelling lyrical content delivered with dexterous flows, technically savvy rapping and sincere melodic and moody vocals are cornerstones of Indie Alternative Hip-Hop recording artist SAZE's brand.

His confidently cool yet vulnerable voice is complemented by his unique approach to production: a cocoon of rich synthesizer textures, shimmering yet strong melodies and chords, ambient but powerful bass lines complete with aggressive drum sounds and palpable rhythms while modulated and precisely chopped sample flips help to further paint the sonic picture.

SAZE has found a way to craft the soundtrack to all of life's ups and downs in a fresh, creative style that plays by nobody's rules except for his own.